What does this application require?

Leather and fabric cutting require routers with unrolling devices and transport systems that allow to position the material on the cutting table. These machines require CNCs that can assure an high interpolation speed and handle cutting tools such as wheels and oscillating blades, assuring at the same time the tangency of the wheel cutter. The CNC must handle a multi-function head, allowing the use of multiple tools like die cutters or pens. The CAD-CAM is an essential software for cutting applications, along with the optimization software. In some leather cutting machines, the CAD-CAM is used with a vision system to preview the material to be cut.
Cardboard (and similar material) cutting application, especially focused for the advertising market, requires a router with a CNC characterized by good speed and high interpolation accuracy and the ability of handling multi-tool heads, for tools like oscillating blades, mills, die cutters, knurling cutters and so on.
Cutting sponge-like materials, plexiglass and plastics in general, thin and soft metal sheets or composite materials like Alucobond require routers with various cutting heads (waterjet, CO2 laser, etc..).


What does Costantino offer?

The CNC must offer flexibility and scalability according to the customers’ needs.
All these machines must be low-cost, while maintaining a high level of performance. Usually, given the typical environment where these workings take place, using office-grade hardware is accepted, instead of using industrial-grade one, to mitigate the gap between costs and expected performances.
The CNC software is the ideal solution, with its high interpolation performances and its high flexibility and scalability.
Costantino has all the requirements to handle all these applications.
Some CAD-CAM software used in those fields are already interfaced with Costantino, having an adequate post-processor.


What do our competitors offer?

Other CNCs often does not offer flexibility, not to mention scalability, and do not guarantee the execution in a definite, certain time, nor a real multi-tasking execution, limiting the CAD-CAM software running in the same operative environment. Some of them require dedicated hardware to be added to the PC, and limit the execution of work programs which exceed the maximum capacity of their buffer.


3-axis Router Configuration


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4-axis Router Configuration


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