A CNC solution with no rust on it.

Costantino is a powerful and flexible CNC that helps to reach the best results with limited efforts in all types of applications.

Costantino CNC is the ideal solution for both new machines and retrofits.
Machines equipped with CNC Costantino can meet all requirements of Industry 4.0.

Engraving machines

3 axes machines making small sculptured parts with mirror finishing requirements.

Milling, boring, drilling machines

3 to 5 axes machines orienting tools with respect of the stock.

Turning machines

3 axes machines rotating stock and tools mounted on turrets.

Transfer machines

Multi-station machines each performing a specific task in the process sequence.

Key CNC features

  • PC-based solution: a single hardware hosting CNC together with HMI and CAM, with completely separated and independent resources, to increase reliability, simplify output of real-world programs and cut cost
  • Look ahead up to 256 blocks, more than 15.000 instructions/second
  • Multi-channel architecture that can run several part-programs at same time and synchronize them
  • Standard ISO6983 syntax for full machining definition and parametric nested programming, that simplify interface with third parts CAD-CAM
  • Up to 96 controlled axes, part of them dedicated to machining, remaining for part moving and clamps
  • Gantry axes
  • Motion control typical features available in CNC: gearing in position, electronic cams
  • Jerk-controlled movements of all axes involved in movement and separately of the tool tip, to prevent mechanical stress and reach the best finishing surface
  • Automatic adjustment of spindle rotation speed according to programming, to keep speed constant or keep removed material quantity constant, during turning machining
  • Filleting on turning
  • Tapping on milling
  • High speed machining to smooth corners while keeping a defined tolerance, to reduce mechanic vibration, cut machining time and improve finishing results
  • Superfinishing machining algorithms
  • Volumetric compensation of positioning inaccuracies due to mechanical asymmetries and machine misalignments
  • Vibration suppression algorithms to prevent part damages, extend machine lifetime and increase machining quality
  • Coordinates and working origins roto-translation and mirroring
  • High speed machining available on 5 axes interpolation
  • Programming tool tip position and orientation with Tool Centre Point (TCP) applied to bi-rotative heads, tilting tables and turn-mill 5 axes configurations
  • TCP parameter auto tuning cycles available. Newly found parameters can correct CAM generated part-programs to match with reality
  • Support of many different servo digital interfaces control of servos with position or velocity reference
  • Velocity feed forward and torque feed forward to have trajectory following error close to 0
  • OPC UA server to connect with MES
  • Remote I/Os connected with EtherCAT fieldbus thousands of I/O signals can be exchanged
  • IO-Link interface gateway
  • Integrated safety with FSoE


  • Easy integration of OEM HMI using reusable user controls or customization of the ISAC provided interface
  • High definition, interactive machining preview that operator can rotate, pan or zoom. Path already cut is identified using different colors to quickly understand the amount of work done
  • Simulation environment available to check mechanical constraints and collision before running the part-program, evaluate machining time and optimize working cycles


  • Tool life management
  • Tool preset, online wear measurement and integrity check
  • High efficient, automatic Tool change management
  • Lathe tool size compensation on virtual tool tip, or radius compensation
  • Advanced milling tool radius compensation using big geometrical look ahead to prevent part damages
  • Fast automatic tool change with linear, rotating and tray tool warehouse
  • Random tool change with tool families management

Working aids

  • Resume of machining after unexpected shutdown from last executed block or from any graphically selected block. Works with repetitions and nested macros
  • Support of suspension of machining, manual check and maintenance and resume from position in trajectory
  • After resume, variation in tool length automatically compensated
  • Safe tool retract from material on arbitrary tool current direction
  • Robotic module
  • CNC can control robot kinematics such as DELTA, SCARA, PUMA
  • OEM can create additional robot kinematics
  • Robot piece pick up, loading and unloading trajectory can be controlled by same CAM that appropriately knows the geometry of the stock and finished piece

PLC logic environment

  • Powerful PLC logic shell compliant with IEC61131 standard
  • Extensive application libraries

In addition to a general purpose CNC that OEM can use to develop its own application, Costantino CNC offers ready to work solutions, based on the same CNC, and with application layer included.

See our Ready to Work catalogs for: