What does this application require?

Routers for metal sheet cutting require more and more flexible CNCs, with scalable performances according to the machine requirements. As a matter of fact, the reduced cost of low-power plasma torches allows to use small routers that until now were used in manual mode, not following the minimum safety requirements, and subjecting the operator to heavy manual work. The Torch Height Control is required even for these low-cost machines, and using external additional hardware weights too much on the total cost.


What does Costantino offer?

Costantino, with our Thermal Cutting software, that implements also the Torch Height Control, can satisfy all the application requirements. For this class of machines, programming must be done through the CNC user interface, as the use of an external CAD-CAM could weight too much on the cost of the machine. Costantino, with our Thermal Cutting software and with its CAM functionalities, satisfies even this requirement.
The Torch Height control is applied to the plasma and oxi torches using a capacitive transducer, and to the laser head.Costantino includes an especially suited height control for the laser head, offering high precision and high speed at the same time, with very low response times.
In some machines there are multiple oxi torches, and they must be positioned along the beam that carries the torches themselves, and their height must be set. Costantino, with all the Bridge configurations, and with the opportunity of distribute all the I/O peripherals (and even the smart ones), satisfies all these requirements.
In machines using high-definition plasma, fibre laser or control units (to be controlled proportionally for the gas mixture of oxi torches), it is increasingly required the integration between the CNC and cut sources devices. Therefore, the CNC must be very flexible, and must satisfy all the requirements for an easy and reliable interfacing with complementary devices. Costantino, with its IEC-61131 programmable PLC, satisfies that requirement.
When a single machine must work with more than one cut source, and even with rotating tools, drills and taps, you need a multi-channel handling. Costantino can do that.
When a rotating axis is needed, to cut tubular or very thick metal sheets with an inclined jet (Bevel), you need specific performances for the CNC. Costantino satisfies the requirement.


What do our competitors offer?

Some other CNCs on the market do not satisfy the Torch Height Control requirement, and use external devices. Many other CNCs do not satisfy flexibility requirements.

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