What does this application require?

Usually, working with this category of machines (metal machining) is programmed through CAD-CAM running on external workstations; in some cases the CAD-CAM runs on the machine console. The CNC must interact with the CAD-CAM, and it must handle all the connectivity with the factoey communication network (Ethernet TCP).
Some machines are supposed to work with pieces moving at high speed, assuring in the meantime a very high finishing precision, in order to avoid further workings, such as polishing and lapping. Therefore, the CNC must interpolate all the trajectories with particular algorithms. As well, machines must be able to work interpolating the tool paths in the space and with the correct orientation (5 and 6 axes machinings).
Some machines require a very high level of automation to handle tool changes, loading and unloading of workpieces, devices for workpieces fastening, pallets and workpiece-holding tables.
Therefore, the CNC must offer appropriate hardware and software resources in the PLC environment.
And this is only a part of the applications that can be implemented with Costantino: its extreme versatility allows to realize many very different kind of machines, and to implement specific applications, such as industrial Sewing Machines, as an example.

What does Costantino offer?

Costantino is designed to control machines that allow rotating tool and rotating piece machinings.
Most types of machines belong to the first category, except for lathes, which are included in the second category. This peculiarity allows to control all metal working machines with the same software, and in this particular field, ISAC founders acquired all the experience they transport in other applicative fields.
Costantino can be used on lathes, milling machines, boring machines, drilling machines and work centers. It can be also used on Transfer Lines and on special machines which require the ability of control multiple working programs with only one CNC.
To be used on such a wide range of machines, Costantino offers an IEC61131 PLC programming environment, a software for the user interface design (SCADA) and the ability to work with many field bus and interfaces with servo drivers and stepper motors.
Costantino scalability is confirmed also by the high number of axes (128) and I/Os (2048) that can handle using field bus.


Configuration Example – Lathe


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Configuration Example – Milling Machine


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Configuration Example - Sewing Machine

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