What does this application require?

Stone machining with 4 or 5 axes bridge milling machine requires a powerful CAD-CAM installed on the machine console. An optimization software is also often required to cut the maximum number of pieces from a single slab; this software can also have a visualization system that allows the user to preview the slab and the cut to be done. The simplest but most expensive solution is the use of a double hardware and two operating systems, one for the CNC and another for the CAD-CAM.


What does Costantino offer?

Usually, the CAD-CAM requires more hardware and software resources than the CNC, so, in order to avoid using dedicated hardware and software for each application, the CNC software must run independently from the operating system, and, moreover, protected in one of the PC processor cores. Costantino can do that. There are multiple stone machining types, and each one of them would require a dedicated machine, but when it’s possible, a single machine can be used for more than one type. Those machines require a dedicated CNC with particular hardware and software requirements. Costantino can be used with any third-party CAD-CAM, but it can also be supplied with our CAD-CAM packages, realized with more than 20 years of experience in this field.
Our Stone Cutting Application is very flexible, and, among others features like Cutting Optimizator, Working Resume, Undercut handling and many other, allows to perform cutting and drilling in the same part-program.

Etching and inlaying machining can be done with low-cost machines that require a suited CNC. Costantino can do that.


What do our competitors offer?

Our competitors’ solutions:

  • In the high-end machines range we can find double-hardware solutions, one for the CNC and one for the CAD-CAM. Often, the CAD-CAM software cannot support touch-screen monitors. Moreover, the CAD-CAM is not usually fully integrated with the CNC and with the user interface of the machine.
  • In the low-end of the range, we can find low-flexibility and low-resources CNC software solutions, that cannot run while other software (like CAD-CAM) is running.

Machining Examples – Videos

Configuration Examples

The bridge milling machine dedicated CNC (4 and 5 axes) is a ready-to-work product. It allows drill, disc, mill and turning machining. The suggested configuration is shown in the picture.

Stone Configuration_1

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The waterjet and etching dedicated CNC is another ready-to-work solution. The suggested configuration is shown in the picture.

Stone Configuration_2

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